Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vintage Inspired Bejeweled Hair Comb!

I was going to use this pearl and bejeweled button for something else, the lace and ribbon choker necklace , but it didn’t look right when sewn on so I then said what am I going to use this button on. Then I thought if I can’t use it then I’ll return it to the store. But then I thought you know it might look good in my hair like the small bejeweled buttons I added to my Something Old + Something New = Something Beautiful…. Flower & Bejeweled Button Headband: .

So since I have dark hair I decided to try and play around and see what I can use it on for my hair, like what type of hair accessory, but then I thought of these DIY hair combs with bejeweled brooches I had seen a few days before on the internet and I thought oh yeah that is beautiful. So I played around with it and saw that it looked good in my hair! So I took out one of my dark brown plastic hair combs and a little bit of white sheer ribbon and hot glued the sheer ribbon to the top of the comb and then I added another piece above that. I then sewed with much difficulty the button to the sheer ribbon and then the one back piece of the button I managed to slide in-between the comb.

Then the day after I found that I wanted something there at the top as the sheer ribbon was so sheer you could see the spot it was hot glued at. So I thought of loose pearls or a strand of pearls there which would look fabulous but since I didn’t want to buy anything new I looked around my craft bag and box and then it dawned on me, lace ribbon! I cut a small piece off and hot glued it over the white sheer ribbon and then I hot glued the top part of the button to the lace ribbon which made it hold it even firmer!

The first pictures of it off of me are of the lace ribbon method, I didn't do any of just the white sheer ribbon method but you can do that the same way just put sheer ribbon where the lace ribbon is. If you do it like me you'll put 2 pieces of white sheer ribbon and then 1 strip of lace ribbon!
So the first round of 8 pictures are of it with just the sheer white ribbon which if you go with that method then you can add pearls or something to it at the top to cover the spot where it shows where it was hot glued at! But the next round of pictures are of it with the lace ribbon which gives it a vintage vibe which is gorgeous and it looks great in dark hair but you can play around with the colors of lace, bejeweled button, and hair comb and such if you have a lighter hair color!
Sorry for so many pictures I just wanted to show it from different angles and paired with different dresses and then the last picture of it paired with a casual knit top to show the versatile nature of this vintage inspired bejeweled hair comb!

So this is one of my favorite hair pieces right now as it is so versatile, easy to make and has a vintage vibe as I said before! I love the look of vintage pieces of clothes and hair pieces! This would go great with my 1940’s inspired dress which I always pair with vintage inspired shoes, jewelry, and hair style!

So this could be used to for an accessory for a cosplay costume for a vintage look or it could be used for a wedding for the bride or bridesmaids or flower girls, ect! Or it could be a gift! There are so many uses for this beautiful vintage bejeweled comb!

  • Pearl and Bejeweled Button- $2.97 at Wal Mart, but you can find bejeweled buttons at any hobby, craft or sewing store or use perhaps one you have already and haven’t found a use for yet
  • Hair Comb- a few dollars in the beauty supply section of any store such as Wal-Greens, Wal Mart, or Dollar Tree, I bought mine years ago and so I can’t remember where I bought it at or how much it cost
  • White Sheer Ribbon- $1 for 6 yards of sheer ribbon at Dollar Tree, or it can be purchased at any hobby, craft or sewing store
  • Lace Ribbon- $1 for 3 yards of lace ribbon at Dollar Tree, or it can be purchased at any hobby, craft or sewing store

White Sheer Ribbon Method:

Lace Ribbon Method Pictures from Here Down:

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