Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Old + Something New = Something Beautiful.... Flower & Bejeweled Button Headband!

I bought a metal bookmark some years ago at Dollar Tree and loved it but I leant it to my mom and well somehow it got broken but the metal flower was still intact but not attached to the metal end and I am no welder and have no idea how to reattached metals and know no one that does so I was stuck with a really pretty red flower with little clear crystals. So for a while I didn’t know what to do with it and then I thought it would look so pretty and regal like on a headband. So I was stumped with how to attach it to the said headband and also wondered would it be too heavy.

So I made the headband like I do all the other headbands shown on this blog. I took out some satin purple ribbon (you can choose which ever color ribbon you fancy) and measured it to my head. I cut that off the roll of ribbon and took some broken pony-tail holders of mine and hot glued the pony tails to each end of the ribbon. However I wasn’t thinking right that day and cut the pony-tail holder too short and had to resize it a few times by adding more pony-tail holder fragments to extend the length so it wasn’t too tight or too loose. The ends are a little tattered and over hot glued and doesn’t look so great but that never matters as the headband ends are covered by hair and unless you take the headband off and show someone they will never know the difference.

Also in the picture the excess purple ribbon in the center of the pony-tail holders is to cover the pony-tail holder extensions, I had to add, so that the excess dried hot glue particles doesn’t irritate my scalp and neck if it touches or rubs that area.

So I decided to attach the red metal bookmark flower to the side of the headband so it would not be center but off to the side. I couldn’t get underneath the back to sew it on so I decide to try and hot glue it and by golly it hot glued on and stuck real well. I did the hot glue at the back center of the flower and pressed it to the ribbon but then added more hot glue to each of the back petals that touch the ribbon as well.

It seemed beautiful like that but as time went by I realized that it could use something more to make it pop and create more of a wow that’s beautiful reaction. So I went to Wal Mart and looked at all the pretty buttons they have there and I brought a picture of the headband and placed them next to a few buttons until I came to just the right one.

Meanwhile one of the worker ladies there had been watching me and when she came over to do some scanning she asked if I was finding everything alright and I said yes. Then she saw the picture on my phone and asked if I was trying to make that and I said I already did. She looked closer as I put the phone closer to her and she saw it was me and she said that is pretty and really creative. I told her what I was doing and she looked at the picture again and then at the buttons and said she thinks the buttons will go great as well. So I decided to get the buttons after I looked a bit further and realized those button are perfect and I couldn’t find anymore like them so I got them in case the others were sold out.

So I waited a few days until I had some free time and then I decided to sew the buttons one on each side of the main center red flower. I used grey / silver thread to match the buttons but when you flip the headband over you can see it contrast to the vibrant purple ribbon but if you’re like me it doesn’t matter as I won’t be flipping it over for anyone and they can’t tell how I attached it anyway but if you do care then you can get thread the same color as your ribbon and sew it on with that color thread.

I sewed the buttons on by hand and it held real well because I could barely get each off when I decided to move them to readjust their location, it was torture trying to cut them off slowly but I managed to. Once they were on where I wanted them I tested them and they are on real nice and tight.

So I put it on to see if it would be too heavy for my head and it really wasn’t. I did have to readjust as I pointed out earlier to make it tighter but not too tight. All in all it turned out really quite beautiful and I got complements the first time I wore it a few days later. I wore it with the purple shirt with a beautiful reddish pink flower on it as pictured below and it matches to perfection. When I was making the headband I thought of that shirt as I was finishing up with the headband and so I dug the shirt out of my closet and held them up together and was like oh that is gorgeous!

It is now my favorite headband! I love the colors and the look and feel of it too! So I hope others find this to be of interest and decide to try and play around and make their own! Maybe you can make them in a rainbow of colors, one to match everything in your closet, well maybe that’s a bit much but at least one that when you wear it you feel a bit like a regal Princess or Queen as I did, lol!

  • 6 Yards of Satin Ribbon- $1 at Dollar Tree, it gives you plenty to play around with for headbands, gifts and more.
  • Metal Bookmark- $1 at Dollar Tree, but any flower of any kind will work, so use what you have and refurbish it like me or buy something new if you like, play around with it and have fun.
  • 2 Silver Crystal Bejeweled Buttons- $1.97 at Wal Mart, again mix and / or match the buttons to fit your color of ribbon and color of main center flower

Pint Jar Soap Dispenser!

I was in Michaels sometime last year and picked up one of those free take one tags that have a really cool crafting idea on it. Well it was on how to make a pint jar soap dispenser. However the one thing I could never find in stock was the actual soap dispenser lid they were supposed to have for the pint jars, the area on the rack was labeled but no merchandise was ever there every time I looked.

So I went to the internet on how to make my own and everyone’s oh here is an easy diy idea seemed like if I tried it I would wind up with one less finger or maybe two in the end, lol! So since I like having all ten fingers I gave up on the idea for a while.

Then a few months ago I found a small plastic pint jar soap dispenser at Dollar Tree and bought it. Once the liquid was used up I kept the lid and bought a glass pint jar at Dollar Tree and filled it with liquid soap and attached the plastic pint jar lid to it and voila, perfection! It is the cutest little soap dispenser I’ve ever had!

So if you can’t find the soap jar lid for pint jars at Michaels like me then try Dollar Tree and if all else fails you might want to make your own but just be so very careful! And remember I am not responsible should you try and something happen.
  • Pint Jar- $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Pint Jar Lid- $1 at Dollar Tree, well it was a lid and plastic pint jar but I only reused the lid part with my new glass pint jar
  • Liquid Refill Soap- $1 at Dollar Tree