Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lace and Ribbon Choker Necklace!

So I found a felt, lace and ribbon bib necklace on a DIY site and I thought oh that is lovely but I didn’t have enough felt to make it all the way so I tried what I could and I thought when I tried it that it was very nice but someone close to me said it looks like a band aid wrapped around my neck which hurt my feelings very much. Another person said the color of the choker just didn’t look right with my skin tone.

So it took a few days before I tried to add some pearls and then a few more days till I tried adding orange flowers and a brooch but none of them seemed to work and I still love it with just the lace so I am adding it here even if some may think it looks funny. Also instead of doing it in a usual casual T-shirt as I do most of my items I add here I decided to dress up as it looks better with a dress then T-shirt obviously!

Oh and if it is an epic fail please no one tell me as I’d rather live with the illusion it looks half way decent, lol, then be told it looks awful and gives me a double chin and it’s not like I’m wearing this in public so no one needs to tell me no it looks bad, lol!

Oh also I usually have pictures available of it off of me so everyone can see what it looks like but I completely forgot to do that and now the necklace still has a few of the add ons on it that I tried and failed with, so because of that right now there are no pictures of it off of me for reference, sorry, but the pictures I do have should suffice! Or of course viewing the original may help as well! Again sorry!

So I took a sheet of white felt and tried to trace a design out which I then cut out but it didn’t go so great but in the end it was kind of nice. I then needed some lace and I couldn't find any and since it was a late night thing I cut a piece off of the petty coat of one of the dresses of one of my old dolls from when I was a kid, lol! So I hot glued the lace onto the felt and trimmed what little was over hanging.

I then decided to use purple satin ribbon instead of white like is shown in the one I found online. I cut and measured a decent amount of purple ribbon and then I hand sewed one to each end of the lace choker. I think it looks good with just lace but because I am no fashionista and others have made fun of it I am not sure I’ll wear it in public but I do like it so I am adding it here.

So maybe this can be a blank slate statement piece and others can add pearls, brooches, flowers ect to it or even make it out of different colored felt and lace or something and make it look even more beautiful or I’ll put the link to the original and maybe others can make theirs look like the original more! Original:

  • A bag of 14 Felt multi-colored pieces- $1 at Dollar Tree, or you can get it at any craft store
  • Satin Ribbon- $1 for 6 yards at Dollar Tree, or it can be purchased at any hobby, craft or sewing store
  • Lace- I stole some from the petty coat of one of the dresses of one of my old dolls from childhood, lol but you can purchase lace at any craft, hobby, or sewing store or refurbish some where ever you can get it, legally of course, lol!

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