Saturday, March 11, 2017

I am Engaged to be Married!

I have some wonderful news to share! February 23, 2017 I got engaged to Anthony, the love of my life! :~) It was sooner then we had planned but we love each other immensely and want to share our life together so he proposed and I said yes! It was a wonderful day though I wasn’t properly dressed, lol! I was in my coral colored daisy shorts and coral colored T-shirt when he came over! I thought he had come over to talk to my parents about things as we were all in an argument but he said he’d thought long and hard and knew he loved me and wanted to marry me! There was more said but as it was from the heart I barely remember it as it was just a crazy awesome experience as he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him and I was like are you crazy and he was like kind of, lol! It was the kind of moment you had to see to understand, lol!

Anthony is very calming and relaxing to me and loves me for me and I love him for him! We are crazy and funny and love to have fun together and play games together but also know when to be serious in certain matters! He is loving and caring! He is family oriented and does so much for his family and friends and for those in our Christian congregation! He is one of Jehovah's Witnesses like I am! He has a soft heart and I've gotten to see him in emotional state which is in itself a privilege in a way because he's shown his even softer side! The moments I've been able to comfort him and the moments I can pour my heart out to him have brought us closer! There was one night where when doing something slightly insane, braving dense fog at 3 AM to make a gesture, I came to realize how much I truly love him and didn't and don't want to loose him! The way he looks at me and talks to me and cares for me is beyond attractive! He's gone through a lot in his life but it's made him a very gentle caring man and I can't wait to spend my life with him and to someday start a family with him!

So we have a date sort of set but until we nail it down exactly I won’t post it here but it will most likely be in the early fall months!

When we went to look at rings we had already been talking about rings and we both love opals so we knew an opal was what we wanted and I had already looked at a beautiful opal ring at Helzburg Diamonds so we went there! The manager Michael was so nice and did so much to make the experience wonderful for us! I decided on an opal ring with pink and white sapphires around the opal and side of the silver band! We decided to have two additional silver bands soldered to the sides of it to make a one of a kind unique ring as seen in the pictures below! We bought our wedding bands as well but I won’t put pictures of them here until after we are married!

So I wanted to share my exciting news and say that as news comes along I will share the details and any pictures I have I’ll share and when the wedding does come I will post about the day and share pictures of it as well!

Flowers and Poem!

So my fianc√© *yes look for the post shortly on that development* gave me some really pretty pink and white carnations after the first bouquet of flowers he had given me when he asked me out died. He couldn’t stand to walk by the decrepit flowers any longer and I didn’t want to get rid of them because they were special but I knew I had to as they were dead. So one day Anthony came for lunch and brought me the new bouquet of really beautiful flowers shown below!

Then on February 9th 2017 he brought me the poem he had written me himself and had framed! He had written it a few days before on his breaks at work! I took two flowers from the first bouquet of flowers he had given me when he asked me out and I dried and pressed them and put them within the frame and it looks gorgeous! I put the frame on my dresser in my bedroom! He is so very romantic in writing me a poem and for giving me flowers! He treats me wonderfully and is very romantic and emotional himself! He puts up with a lot for me!
The other picture is of one of our more formal lunch dates which was very enjoyable!



So my nickname with my fiancé *yes look for the post on that development* calls me kitten as he says I'm cute like a kitten but can be fierce when I play, lol! Which is kind of true as I'm brutal when I play card games, board games and well any games really, lol! So a few weeks ago my sister found this on Facebook and sent this to me and we found it to be so true!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Musings of a Lonely Writer No More: Anthony- My Boyfriend!

No longer am I a lonely writer, well I’ll still keep those and add onto the Musings of a Lonely Writer posts just because of other reasons but none-the-less I’ve got a boyfriend now, my first and hopefully last!!!! Ok so I’ve known Anthony for 4 years but only at our place of worship, The Kingdom Hall. Well I was adamant we would not get along but last month a friend at out hall came to me thinking I was dating Anthony or had an agreement for dating and it shocked me and so thinking Anthony didn’t know I decided to meet him in a public setting to speak with him.

At this fast food restaurant we talked and decided to learn to be friends as my friend Kendra had said if when you go there that you know him 100% and can say you don’t want anything then by all means tactfully explain that but I didn’t know him at all so I decided to get to know him better.

He’s really been there for me the last month and me for him and we’ve learned we have tons in common and he’s even a writer too and of science fiction / fantasy like me!!! Squeals for how brilliantly perfect that is!! There have been rough patches and misunderstanding but we are mature enough (I’m 29 years and he’s 24 years old) to talk through them and move forward.

Well the one day I thought well maybe he only wants friends and nothing more which I wanted to know sooner rather than later and we discussed it but I was still upset and unsure of where we stood after he left my parents house and so I texted him and he called me on his break at work and said he would date me now and that he was only waiting as he didn’t think I was ready. He held back in our talk as did I so we’ve basically shown we are learning to communicate and are lacking in some respects but are learning.

So that night he came by my parents house and my mom stayed up to chaperone and we talked and he asked me to close my eyes and he went to his car and came back and placed a bouquet of red and white carnations in my hands and asked me to date him and I said YES!!!!! However through one more large rough patch we are in a good place and so I’m going to add some pictures of a gift he made me for my hair before we even began dating and then the gift I made him and then the flowers and then some pictures of me and him, lol! So excited!!! Can’t you tell?????!!!!! LOL!

He made me the hair piece!

I made him the cookies in a jar as he likes baking!

He gave me the red and white carnation flowers when he asked me out!

Then a few of the below pictures are of him with his cat Mercy on his head or shoulder and then the ones below that are of our mini-first date, we went to an old mill like museum and then to some green houses at a college! The Swan we kept trying to get in the background of our pictures decided to play nice at the end and I was able to get a quick picture of it so because of all the trouble I went through to get it I am adding it here, lol!


Chain and Gems Pony-Tail Holder and Interchangeable Bracelet!

I saw a few examples online of a bracelet but also pony-tale holder with a chain and gems attached and thought it was gorgeous. I got one of my black pony-tale holders out but I couldn’t get the gems I had to fit onto it so I started looking around my room. I found a chain with small blue gems attached to the chain that was attached to an old metal CD holder and so I took it off the key chain holder and then took off the charm attached to the end of the chain.

I attached the chain a few different times and added another necklace piece but it didn’t look right so I took off the necklace piece and decided to attach the chain by itself to the pony-tale holder. At first I used pliers but they didn’t work and squeezing the little pieces by hand were breaking my nails and scratching my fingers so I looked for an alternative. So I dug out my wire cutters which really don’t work cutting wire as they are dull and was a cheep pair but they squeeze things really well and were small and easier to handle and I used them to squeeze the ends of the metal around the pony-talk holder. 

It looks well not only as a bracelet as seen below but I use it more often in my hair and it seems to spice up a plain pony-tale holder. Different colors of chains and gems can be found or made depending on how much you want to spend and your hair color.  

To see the pony tale-holder on me go to this link or look up the post about the Ruby Red and Emerald or Glass Green Sticker Gem Hair Pins:

  • Pony-Tale Holder- a few dollars for a pack in the beauty supply section of any store such as Wal-Mart, Wal Greens, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General
  • Chains and Gems- depends on the price of chains and gems you want to buy or refurbish, mine are so old that I can’t remember the price of the key chain that I took and refurbished. Michaels however is a good place to go for chains and gems if you want to make this with different chains and gems and if you get their coupons by email or in the regular mail you can get certain items cheaper

Friday, January 13, 2017

Having a rough day?

This sweet message helped me a lot and I thought maybe others would find it to be helpful as well! :~)

Good morning my wonderful friends!