Sunday, October 9, 2016

Multi-Use Denim Bag!

This is my favorite item right now! I was watching TV and they showed during a commercial one of those DIY shows and I saw they made a denim bag and I literally saw it for only a few seconds but I was like I can make something like that!

Back in High School I had a favorite pair of blue jeans but after leaving school for a few years the jeans got so many holes in the inseam area that I just couldn’t wear them anymore so I bought a few new pairs that became my favorites! But I really liked the pockets on the old pair and knew I could use them somehow so I washed them and put them in a drawer, and I am no hoarder I always throw old stuff away but like I said I thought I could use the pockets for something so I saved the jeans. So when I saw the show advertised that showed the denim bag I knew exactly the pair of jeans I was going to use!

So I dug the jeans out of my drawer and washed and dried them again and then waited a few days as I thought over how best to do it. So I took the jeans and cut them as you would cut off shorts straight across the leg area on the one side and saved the rest of the cut off leg for the strap / handle later. I then cut upward toward the waistband but avoided the crotch and zipper area on mine as that is where the holes had come after many years of washing and wearing.

I took the fabric and folded it to where the inside is facing out toward me and then leveled the fabric up, kind of how one makes a pillow. The pictures below should help you understand how to place it to sew. I took black thread and sewed, by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine but if you have a sewing machine it will go by faster, across the bottom and then up the one side until I got all the way to the top of the waistband. One side already is taken care of as there is a seam there already so no sewing is necessary. So then I did what you do if making a pillow I put it back right side in and pushed my fingers down to push out the edges inside! So the example I saw was done but I wanted to add something to my version to spice it up!

I took some lace ribbon I have and cut off a little bit and instead of sewing it to the waistband I did it right underneath and under the one belt buckle area. When I cut the lace ribbon a little of it wound up on the other side of the belt buckle and was a little uneven and shredded a bit so I decided to use a daisy button later to cover it! I bought a sunflower iron on appliqué, 3 daisy flower iron on appliqués, and then I was going to do 2 bumble bees but they were sew on instead of iron on appliqués and though I can sew I decided not to do it but instead bought a little grey smiling kitten with a little butterfly on his head iron on appliqué. I attached the sunflower and 3 daisy flowers first after finding the right arrangement for me and a few days later I got and attached the little grey kitten. It looks like the kitten is walking through a garden and a butterfly lands on him much to his delight! :~)

Now it would look perfect as this point but I decided to make an attachable strap / handle as I had seen on the one on TV. So after the iron on appliqués was added I bought some daisy flower buttons which match the whole flower power bohemian theme, lol! I attached 2 of the largest daisy buttons to each of the side waistband of the jeans at the top and one of the medium size ones I sewed over the ends of the lace ribbon at the back where it was frayed as I explained earlier. My version is rustic but if you are better at sewing it may look a lot better!

So now onto the strap / handle. If you saved the leg pieces as I did then the strap / handle will be easier but if you didn’t then on your version then just use the other pants leg to do it or make a strap / handle out of other material if you care to or you can just go without a strap / handle. I cut the pants leg up the center and the one side was easier to sew as it was already sewn because of the one seam but I did the same as I did with the bag I turned it where the inside is facing out and sewed up the one side and then carefully turned it right side in which was a challenge, lol! The rest of the material I sewed both sides and then put it right side in as well.

I took the two pieces and sewed them together which doesn’t look so great but honestly it was the only way I could think to do it but it does have a padded look which is good at the shoulder area where it falls on me. I made holes for the buttons at the end of the jeans just above the hem with just a pair of scissors. I eye balled the area and the buttons to see about the size I needed so it wasn’t too small or too big a hole for the buttons and then I just carefully cut a small area and then extended it carefully with the scissors. This gave it a rugged look but when the buttons are in nobody, you included, can tell how the holes were created. I then attached the wider strap / handle that I made by pushing the holes through the buttons and then there you have it!
Of course if anyone makes this they can make thinner straps as I may wind up doing or make handles if they like! And of course they can decorate it in any way they so choose to make it their own! Have fun with it! If anyone is unclear on my directions please leave a comment and I will try and explain the process in an easier way!

Voila! Now this bag can be a tablet carrier, purse, day hike bag, book carrier, ect!
The bag has a tad bit of a floppy appearance but that is true of a lot of bags and tablet carriers but if you want to give it a firmer look then I’ve heard fusible fleece is the way to go but since I haven’t used fusible fleece before I didn’t use it but I might add it to it sometime in the future. I’ve heard it isn’t too hard to add so I might play around and see how to do it in the future!
Also if you put a tablet in this multi-use bag then you can also put cloths inside so the denim doesn’t scratch your screens or just put the cases in along with the tablet and of course this is a smaller bag but bigger bags can be made by cutting lower on the jeans and incorporating more of the upper top of the jeans. My jeans are stretch jeans as well which I think is great as it allows for a measure of maneuverability and stretch. Also the pockets of jeans allow you to put headphones, charges, cash, cleaning cloths, ect in which is great as well!
I am putting some pictures of it on me below as well and I thought they looked good but may look a little goofy instead, lol! In some of those I am the Queen of the stump in my back yard, lol, which used to belong to my little cat Missy who sadly passed away earlier this year so I chose to do them in honor of her. Other pictures I forced my cat Tommy to be in the pictures with me, well maybe not forced as he loves his picture taken and loves to sit in the sun on the banister, lol! In the one it looks like I’m forcing his head that way but really I am just itching his chin which he loves more than anything else, lol! Also if anyone is curious the book I was reading is The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper which I read many years ago and just used as prop in this picture, lol, but it is a very good book and I recommend it!

  • Sunflower Appliqué- $1.47 at Wal Mart or similar appliqués can be purchased at any hobby or sewing store
  • 3 Daisy Flower Appliqués- $1.47 at Wal Mart or similar appliqués can be purchased at any hobby or sewing store
  • Kitten with Butterfly Appliqué- $0.97 at Wal Mart or similar appliqués can be purchased at any hobby or sewing store
  • Daisy Buttons- $1.97 at Wal Mart or similar buttons can be purchased at any hobby or sewing store
  • Lace Ribbon- $1.00 at Dollar Tree or similar lace can be purchased at any hobby or sewing store
  • Pair of Blue Jeans, preferably old as similar jeans will give it a cool used look





Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Ribbon Headband!

I was at Dollar Tree looking at the fall ribbon when I found this pretty fall gold wire-edged ribbon and I thought of making it into a headband so I bought it! I eye balled it to nearly the right size but I had to cut it down a bit and I will say some of the wire will cut through and itch or prick your scalp especially at the ends where its cut so finding something to put over the areas will help a lot. This is the case because many ribbons like this aren’t meant to be used for hair accessories but I do so I just find ways to tweak it to make it fit and feel comfortable!

I used a bit of a headband I had gotten at Dollar Tree for the end of the ribbon headband and chose the color to coincide with the colors in the ribbon! It took a fair bit of time bending the ribbon so as to put the headband pieces around the bent ends and hot gluing and then re-arranging and hot gluing again but I finally got a pretty good fit but I may need to change it up again as it does look tight in the pictures and feels a little tight so I recommend using a bit more of the headband pieces then I did! And also use some of the excess ribbon or some cotton or something and hot glue it over the places where the wire sticks through so it doesn’t irritate or scratch your scalp as that scratchy wire will make it less enjoyable to wear.

The colors of the ribbon and look is so great as I love autumn and autumn colors so once I have it perfect, fit-wise and the wire areas covered better, I will be wearing it in public! I think it has a bit of a 60's look about it as well that I really like!

Fall ribbon may not be for everyone but you can find any seasons ribbon and make a headband similar to this one!

  • Fall Gold Wire-Edged Ribbon- $1 at Dollar Tree for 9 feet of it or similar ribbon can be purchased at any craft store
  • Headbands- $1 at Dollar Tree for a package of 6 headbands or one can use pony-tail holders or purchase similar items in the beauty supply section of any store such as Wal Mart, Wal Greens, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, ect