Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon Movie

Sunday i saw New Moon movie it was great. I loved it but i still like the first book and movie Twilight better. The wolf group was cool shirtless dudes what more can u ask 4. Edward and Jacob and Bella crazy how one girl can have 2 mythical HOT guys after her. I could never choose which i liked better everyone chooses either Team Jacob or Team Edward. They r both great and good 2 Bella. I 4 one like Carlisle Cullen best of all the cullens followed by Edward, Alice, Jasper, Esme, Emmet, and Rosalie.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drifting into the Depths

Drifting into the Depths

Drifting fast into the deep blue water
All around me pulling me down
Oh how I would give anything to be lifted
As I feel I can not

Struggling hard as life takes its toll
Forever fearing what I know I shan’t
Never think about yesterday; that is easy
Never think about tomorrow; harder to do

Stay in the present never wander
I can’t for I am in constant limbo
Worry, worry all I do
Can no one break my awful fall?

Is there a being to raise me from the depths?
To save my soul, my body and mind
To be forever thanked for the gift they give me
My life put straight

I learned that I must dig and claw my way out
Of the nightmarish hole
It is my burden and my salvation
To do so

In the depths I see the shadows
But above I see the sliver of light
Go down further where I may never get out
Or claw and fight to light above

The decision is simple
But the aide to my ordeal
Has yet to show it’s self
But it is faith that tells me they are close

I can’t see them or feel them
Yet I know they are there
I shall soon see them in the murky waters
Lending a hand and bringing me out

That shall be the day I leave the depths and reemerge
To the light of the world
To be able to revile in the simplicity of all around
To be in the arms of my protector