Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Ribbon Headband!

I was at Dollar Tree looking at the fall ribbon when I found this pretty fall gold wire-edged ribbon and I thought of making it into a headband so I bought it! I eye balled it to nearly the right size but I had to cut it down a bit and I will say some of the wire will cut through and itch or prick your scalp especially at the ends where its cut so finding something to put over the areas will help a lot. This is the case because many ribbons like this aren’t meant to be used for hair accessories but I do so I just find ways to tweak it to make it fit and feel comfortable!

I used a bit of a headband I had gotten at Dollar Tree for the end of the ribbon headband and chose the color to coincide with the colors in the ribbon! It took a fair bit of time bending the ribbon so as to put the headband pieces around the bent ends and hot gluing and then re-arranging and hot gluing again but I finally got a pretty good fit but I may need to change it up again as it does look tight in the pictures and feels a little tight so I recommend using a bit more of the headband pieces then I did! And also use some of the excess ribbon or some cotton or something and hot glue it over the places where the wire sticks through so it doesn’t irritate or scratch your scalp as that scratchy wire will make it less enjoyable to wear.

The colors of the ribbon and look is so great as I love autumn and autumn colors so once I have it perfect, fit-wise and the wire areas covered better, I will be wearing it in public! I think it has a bit of a 60's look about it as well that I really like!

Fall ribbon may not be for everyone but you can find any seasons ribbon and make a headband similar to this one!

  • Fall Gold Wire-Edged Ribbon- $1 at Dollar Tree for 9 feet of it or similar ribbon can be purchased at any craft store
  • Headbands- $1 at Dollar Tree for a package of 6 headbands or one can use pony-tail holders or purchase similar items in the beauty supply section of any store such as Wal Mart, Wal Greens, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, ect  


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