Monday, January 18, 2010

TIGER my Cat Died

Tiger my grey tabby was euthenized today. She had Kidney Disease. We gave her fluids over the weekend but she would barely drink on her own and wouldn't eat unless we fed her by syringe and rubbed her throat to get it to go down. We took her to the vet this morning and Tiger was cold they suggested since she wasn't moving and was so cold and sick they suggested we put her to sleep. I held her and cried as she drifted to sleep. She was my best friend my family I will miss her. I wish I had, had more time with her she was only 8 years old. Tiger was such a loving cat she purred all the time if you looked at her or said her name she would purr she was purr crazy. I will miss her purring I used to put my head on her her and she would purr. She would also lie next to me at night and purr me to sleep. She had the cutest little eyes and she was so small.

When we got her 8 years ago she was homleess and living next door by the connecting duplex building. We coaxed her out and fed her she was so malnutrishioned. She soon became part of the family and when we moved she went with us. She loved to sit by me when I read my books and she seemed to be listening when I read. I will miss her but I know I did the right thing by letting her go and not letting her suffer anymore. I love you Tiger! I always say she was a Lady and a Lady always knows when it is her time to leave. She was telling me it was her time but for a while I didn't want to give up I tried to fight for her but the fight was gone out of her. At the end it was time I let her go and I did. My mom cried with me over Tiger but my dad had to stay in the car he couldn't stay in there it was too hard on him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I saw the movie Avatar a few weeks ago. It was so cool it was bright and so real looking. I kind of wish Pandora exsists or that there reavlly were Avatars like that. The Na`vi people were cool and it must have taken an amazing imagination to create a story like that. Loved it and I have told people to deffinantly see it.