Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Inner Animal!

Spectacled Bear:
Big and cuddly at first glance, you really do enjoy a solitary lifestyle. You prefer napping during the day and heading out on the prowl at night. Climbing in warm tropical climates is one of your favorite activities.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Friend Married!

Another friend got married in September Donna Married Jeremy so happy 4 them.

My Motto, LOL!

“I Come for the Food, I Stay for the Food, I leave when the Food is Gone.”

Werewolf/Vampire Go Away!!

I want all the Werewolf and Vampire Novels/Movies/Video Games/Anything else to go way. It is annoying I believe you can write a good Sci-fi / Fantasy with out all of that and for that matter get rid of Witches/Wizards/Warlocks Novels. Ghost stories and Fallen Angels stories need to go as well. I know these are hot topics and so everyone wants to jump on the band wagon but p-l-e-a-s-e for the love of good literature go away already. It’s like a few years ago everyone liked Lord of the Rings and it had its fifteen minutes of fame (Well a bit more than Fifteen Minutes but you get the idea of what I mean). The Werewolf/Vampire fad is soon to die out (I can only Hope). The stories all sound the same and they are just ridiculous these creatures do not exist. Sure there are novels with creatures that don’t exist heck I write some but these are violent creepy creatures that are just plain dumb. I am just ranting and I know good and well these books and such will be around a little longer but to future generations I hope you are still reading the classics. I hope if this is seen somewhere then (Not Likely) I hope you are reading the classics. Pride & Prejudice-Jane Austen, Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte, A Tale of Two Cities-Charles Dickens, Frankenstein-Mary Shelley…. Too many to write. I hope the classics then aren’t Twilight and Harry Potter. The Most important book even if it is the last piece of literature around I hope the Bible is being read.