Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thank You Mickey Gilley for 26 Years in the Branson Area!

December 2, 2015 marked the end of a musical era of sorts. Mickey Gilley’s matinee show at Mickey Gilley Theater was the last one after 26 years. He is now going to be going and doing road shows at almost 80 years old.

You may be wondering what that has to do with me. Well my mom, my dad and I went to the last show as they worked for him. My mom worked in the gift shop for a series of years but wasn’t working there as of a few years ago when the gift shop had to close down but my dad continued to work in the parking department for 13 years. He worked there all the way up to the last day.

I remember when I was in high school and came there and did homework in the lobby after school and riding around on the cart in parking with my dad. I remember that theater and it won’t be the same without Gilley there.

So I’ve seen the show for free many times but we decided to go and support Gilley on his last show. He is a nice guy I’ve met and talked to before. The last show was great. Many of the other performers in Branson came and surprised Gilley by popping in to say how much he affected them and they thanked him for his help and years of friendship and guidance.

The Mayor and a Council Member came by as well and gave him a Plaque and the Keys to the City. They even joked and said that Yakav, another local performer ending his many years here this year will be getting the keys to the city too so everyone better dead bolt their doors with these two having keys, lol!

It was an amazing show and even though he is a performer from another era I thoroughly enjoy his music and live shows. We will miss you Mickey Gilley! Have a wonderful time on the road! I hear there are 140+ road shows booked, so not too bad. Maybe we will see Gilley on the road and I hope he has many more years of performing ahead of him!

Here are some pictures from his last performance at the Mickey Gilley Theater on December 2, 2015:

< Local Performers Popping in to Say Goodbye and Thank Mickey Gilley for His Many Years Here and for His Support, Friendship, and Guidance!

The Mayor and Council Member giving Plaque and Keys to the City! >

Friday, December 25, 2015

Is All I Learned in History Class A Lie?

I love watching the TV Shows, Mystery at the Museum, Mystery at the Castle, and Mystery at the Monument. After watching those shows I am convinced half of the History books are chock full of lies and misapplied information.

Alexander Graham Bell did not create the telephone, what? He was a thief. A man named Antonio Meucci created it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Meucci

Jackie Robinson was not the first African American pro-baseball player. A man named Moses Fleetwood Walker was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_Fleetwood_Walker

Christopher Columbus may have been about 100 years behind a Scottish clan in reaching America.

There are so many more I have seen on there that have made me do research and I am appalled that these inaccuracies aren’t told to the public or History books aren’t updated. I mean I feel like I’ve been duped by History books and History teachers.

So from now on no matter how crazy people think I am, I am going to say Antonio Muicci created the telephone and Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African American pro-baseball player and that the Clan Gunn found America 100 years before Christopher Columbus.

So inaccuracies in History beware for I intend to find the truth and use the accurate information, lol!