Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Juliet Club Letter Response!

I wrote that I wrote the Juliet Club a while back. I sent the letter in December and got a reply in March. The letter was really nice. I recomen writing them Email is faster but by actual mail is nicer. I hope Juliet's Secretaries know how much there appreciated. Anyway anyone who may stumble apon this write a letter and you won't be sorry.

First post in like almost three months!!

I haven't blogged in like forever. Earth Hour went off well in March. It was fun and I am glad there was a huge turn out all around the globe. My parents anniversary was April 28. I got them a $40 gift card and a beautiul Thomas Kincade anniversary card. They loved it!! I'm bored out my mind lol!! I've been real active on Yahoo Answers! Been trying to get through this one book but it is bugging me. It's called Shiver the teen stuff in it is annoying. I thought it would be an easy read I didn't want any thing too heavy. I guess I don't like it cause I haven't been a teen in years. I started writing again. A little here and there. I got a book that has helped me alot The Writer's Digest Character Naming Sourcebook second edition By Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's has a lot of names for characters. It's good for writer's. Well worth what I spent on it. Well gotta go blog l8er.