Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Technology, Too Much? Bookless Library, Too Much?

I have just recently read about the first bookless library in America. I think the library was called BiblioTech. They have just computers and tablets that can be checked out. This idea to me sounds not so great. It will totally not be long before the check out tablets get stolen. If some people don’t bring books back what makes people think they will bring a tablet back.


The other thing is this push for more technology. The push to do away with the old and center in only on the new. I get tired of all the technology all the time. I am tired of the push for e-publishing, e-reader stuff. What happened to cracking open an old fashioned book. Yeah it’s heavier but who cares. This generation coming up will have no clue about what it is like to do without technologies. I am only 26 but I didn’t have a computer or email until I was like 12 and even then I didn’t really use it very often. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was like 15.


Also this bookless library reminds me of an Outer Limits episode. Where people had a chip in their brains that told them everything they needed to know. Regular paper books were a thing of the past and were forbidden to be had. You must check out a chip to be put in your brain chip which will tell you the story of the book. Also the government dictated what books could be told. One guy in this world was part of a group who could not take a brain chip so he found ways to get hold of actual books. That is how he learned everything. When the world went crazy and the chips started to glitch they became unusable. So after that happens they go this man and he shows them what they must do to learn. Because none of these people knew how to really learn. Everything was given via the brain chip implant. Is this to be our future?


I am not the only one who thinks this. I read many comments of the bookless library article and I agreed with many of them. Will some day books be banned and in doing so just wipe out the computers, whisking away the literature of countless generations and there lessons. Think a future version of Fahrenheit 451.
Will people get tired of paper books and just discard them. Will we be forced to go paperless and loose a little bit of the charm that comes with it? I enjoy the smell of the pages and to see the little messages in the books from the previous owners.


So I wonder when will technology push to the point where we must use it or get left and lost in the past. Every month a new cell phone comes out before the old is even old. Every year countless new computers are brought on the market. I don’t think we should go back to 1799 but I don’t think we should loose a little bit of what the past gave us. To see where we came from and how we got here. Technology isn’t bad by any means but I think we push forward making new objects to be desired when we really don’t need them. I sometimes wish that I could live in a simple world. Not one that does away with all technology but just one that doesn’t swarm us with useless items.


People would rather sit on a computer and see their friend’s posts on facebook then call said friend up and go hang out, because they often don’t know those people in the real world. Texts are more prevalent than a phone call. People have phones shoved in their faces and don’t see the beauty of the world. People would rather sit in front of a computer than do hard labor like our ancestors. To farm land is often detestable or not interesting. To build a building is hard work. But without the hard work on our ancestor’s shoulders we wouldn’t have all the skyscrapers and beautiful architecture often found on this world.


So are we to snub the past and keep wanting more and more technology and technical devices. I fear the day we look up and don’t know our selves or even contemplate what happened to Earth and beyond. We are even starting to clutter space with our satellites and other garbage. One day we will look up and all we will see is an endless collection of debris around our world. The cities will get bigger and woods and forests and waters will get smaller.


These are just my thoughts. I don’t know what will happen but I know we will have quite a cleanup ahead of us if we continue to pollute and over crowd this world. The only world we have or ever will have. I hope anyone who reads this understands these are just my thoughts and ramblings.


If any one wishes to weigh in on this subject please do so in the comments section.

Snow Galore---Polar Vortex


We got 7 inches of snow Sunday morning and another 1 to 1 ½ inches of snow throughout the day. Below are some pictures I took from the warmth of my home, LOL. It is official I am tired of snow and winter. I want to go to Bora Bora, anyone on the same boat as me, LOL! I just got my Tahiti travel guide today and I am sold.



Here is a picture my sister sent of their backyard. They got 12 inches of snow where they live in a northern area of the same state I live in.