Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spray on Deodorant!

A few weeks ago I decided to make my own deodorant because I bought some that smells like baby powder and it’s too strong a scent plus it has Talc in it which freaks me out but my mom picked it up for me as she was at the store and I was out of deodorant so I just said over the phone go ahead and get it. Though I’m thinking of buying a different solid deodorant I am still going to use this spray on deodorant from time to time as it does work really well.

I have Hyperhydrosis which is a condition where I sweat more than normal people because the glands over produce sweat. My hands and feet are usually where it sweats worse but I usually use a lot of deodorant under my arms so I was curious if this spray on deodorant would work and I found it did hold up pretty well! I haven’t tried it under extreme stress yet but it’s done pretty well and I like how it hasn’t left white stains on my shirts like regular solid deodorant does.

**However before anyone tries it I say do what I did and do a test on just a little section of your underarm and see if it gets irritated and if it does stop use. Be cautious when trying any made at home products as you may be allergic to an ingredient and not know it. So make at home products such as this with caution. **

I found it did well under my arms and made the skin feel smoother and softer. I tried before and after a shave. It did well even on freshly shaved skin except once I did cut a little area on accident and when the spray hit it, it did burn for a few seconds but then it stopped burning. I like these ingredients as they are everything you normally already use and are things that sooth burns and cuts already so the only 2 ingredients that can cause stinging are the baking soda and essential oils.

I made only a little batch about less then half of the container I used which is a small plastic 2 oz. finger spritzer spray bottle I bought at Wal Mart for $0.97. Glass finger spritzer bottles are what is suggested as plastic leaches into products and can hardly be re-used as it still holds the scent of the product with essential oils in it. I already re-used the bottle when I decided to make the spray on deodorant but it didn’t have essential oils in it before. So I’m only going to use this bottle for my deodorant spray from now on and I’m not too worried about the bad stuff in plastic leaching into the spray on deodorant.

The site I found this on I will link up here at the end of the post but I only made a small amount by just eye balling it so I can’t remember the amount I added of each product. I say make a small batch and just try it first to see if there is irritation before making a large amount.

  • Witch Hazel Extract- I can’t remember the price but it was only a few dollars at Wal Mart but again you can get it somewhere else if you like
  • Aloe Vera Gel- A few dollars at any store that sells stuff like sun screen and stuff kind of like Wal Mart
  • Vitamin E Oil (My Additive: Not Found in Online Version)- $3.97 at Wal Mart but I can’t remember if that is the right price but of course you can pick this up at anywhere Vitamin E Oils are sold at just like the Essential oils
  • Baking Soda- A few dollars at any grocery store
  • Jasmine Essential Blended Oil (My choice of Blended Essential Oil but you can choose which ever you assume is best for your body and which ever is not bad for your health) - $5.97 at Wal Mart but you can pick them up anywhere that Essential Oils are sold. The Wal Mart one Natures Bounty Earthly Elements as I’ve mentioned before I tried to see if it was a good kind because of the price and where I got it at and it did turn out really good and I’ve used them in a few different products
  • 2 oz. Finger Spritzer Spray Bottle- $0.97 at Wal Mart in the travel section by the body products

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