Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ribbon and Flower Headband

I wanted a headband to go with my new coral lace dress. I took some shear orange ribbon and measured it to my head. I found some small orange, cream, and coral flowers covered in glitter and with a faux pearl center at Michaels, they I think are supposed to be used in scrape books or as a decoration. I simply arranged the flowers to determine where I wanted them to go and then I hot glued them in place.

I took two ponytail holders and cut them at the point where the seam is and attached them to the end of the ribbons to hold it in place on my head. I got instant complements when I wore it with my coral lace dress.
I did learn something from these pictures, I need a tan, lol! I am way too white and have too fair of skin to get much of a tan unfortunately but I need one none-the-less, lol!

Ribbon- $1 at Dollar Tree

Flowers- $1.50 for a pack of I think 9 flowers at Michaels

Grecian Braided Circlet

I wanted a Grecian Circlet for a prop for one of my book covers but I decided to just hire someone to do my cover art but I had already made this Grecian Braided Circlet, or rather I call it a Grecian Circlet as it reminds me of a Greek Goddess. I have a lovely blue and white Greek inspired maxi dress but I am not brave enough to wear this with it, though I tried it at home for fun and it looked cute. I am not brave enough to wear a circlet in public unless for maybe a costume party or Comic-Con or something. I love it and it looks so cool but I made it a tad too small as I thought I would run out of wire but I had lots of left over wire, so the circlet is a tad tight on me.

I used gold wire instead of copper as is stated in the below link of instructions but any color is fine. Also I had no wire clamp so I used a heavy box of movies to clamp my wire to twist. Mine didn’t come out as thick as the one in the link either.

I will leave a link below to where I found directions, they are better then I could ever explain.

Wire- It was either $3.99 or $4.99 or $5.99 at Michaels but I bought it using a 40% off coupon, lol, sorry I can’t remember price as it’s been a while since I purchased it.

Links to Directions to Make a Wire Circlet:



Daisy and Narcissus Flower Headband

I saw a headband in a store that I liked but I didn’t like the price and knew I could make it cheaper at home. So I looked over the headband and then I went home to make it after I bought what I needed. I bought Daisy and Narcissus fake flowers at Wal Mart. I bought some burlap at Dollar Tree. I already had ponytail holders at home.

I bent the burlap in half and hot glued it in place. I then measured by eye balling it to fit my head and cut it back at the ends as needed. I then went to attaching, using hot glue, the Daisy flowers first at intervals with spaces between. Then I attached the Narcissus flowers when I had the Daisy’s just right.

Then at the end of the burlap headband I took two of my ponytail holders that is a simple one without one of the metal holds on it and cut it at the end where the seam was. On each side of the headband at the end as seen I hot glued the ponytail holders. Doing this allowed the headband to be maneuverable but also stay in place when needed.

I wore this headband to a Tea Party and I was complementing on going with the theme of wearing cute, funky, or interesting head pieces, or just any head piece you want to wear. I love to wear this with my green and pink flower dress, white sweater, and butterfly ear rings, the same outfit I love wearing with my butterfly barrettes I described before.

One of my good friends Stephanie wanted me to make her one as well and some of the pictures are of the one that I made for her. She liked it a lot and has worn it and loves it. Though I didn't add a picture of her wearing it as I haven't gotten her permission yet to add it. So you are stuck seeing me as the wearer yet again!

Daisy- $0.97

Narcissus Flowers- $0.97

Burlap- $1


Friday, May 22, 2015

Butterfly Barrettes That I Made!

I bought my hair clips at Wal Mart years ago. I bought two packs of butterflies at Dollar Tree. There was a pack of 3 green butterflies and a pack of 3 yellow butterflies I loved and bought.

I took the little twist wires off the back of the butterflies, see the wires are meant to attach the butterflies to objects but I didn’t need them. I attached, with hot glue, the back of the butterfly to the barrette, I attached first a piece of the leaf from one of the flowers so as best to attach the butterfly as there would be a grip, any material will work so the butterflies will stay attached better. It took some maneuvering to get it right but I love the outcome. I have gotten so many complements on the butterflies when I wore them.

Barrettes- $2 something or $3 something

Butterflies- $2 for 2 packs of 6 Butterflies

Take a Look at My Purple Dahlia Flower Barrette and Autumn Leaves Barrette I Made!


The Reason I close my eyes and my face is not all shown in all of the following blog posts is because I wanted the pictures to center on the head pieces and not the wearer. Also had I looked up it looks funny and odd as my head is tilted down and pictures where I look up like that look creepy, LOL! So I just looked down or closed my eyes all together and left most of my face out so the pictures would show the head pieces better.


I have wanted to make some leaf hair pieces but had not a clue where to start. So while collecting props for a photo shoot I came across some Oak and Maple Leaves, fake ones of course. So I bought them and Sunflowers. Then later I bought some fake Purple Dahlia’s. I also found and bought some barrette backs.

So when I got home I looked at some flower barrettes I had bought years ago and mimicked the way they had been made. I took a small piece of the leave and clipped it off to hot clue it to the barrette surface. Then I cut the Dahlia flower and leaves off right at the stem, really short. Then I hot clued them onto the barrette back. It took some playing around to get them just so. It was fun, easy, and the result I am happy with.

Soon I would like to buy some metallic silver and gold paint to paint the leaves and make another barrette. There are a few other ideas I have too, like leaf and flower crowns.

I have already worn and been complemented on the Dahlia flower barrette and the Leaf one hasn’t been commented on yet but I love it none the less.

Leaves- $0.97 and other $3.00

Dahlia Flowers- $3.00

Barrettes- $ 2 something or $3 something