Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ribbon Bookmark!

I used 1 foot and 3 inches of lace ribbon, but you can choose any color or type of ribbon you so fancy for this project, that I had bought at Dollar Tree to make this after I was looking for a DIY bookmark on the internet. I found a site and pretty much eye balled it to make it and only read a little bit of how to make it as the site wouldn’t operate very well on my phone where I was looking it up on.

So I measured the lace out by eye balling it but you can measure it out to fit what ever book or journal you want or you can make a small, medium, and large one and use them for different size books and journals. My size fit most books and journals I have!

So since I wanted something besides black I decided not to use my pony-tail holders as I only have them in black so I went to these headbands I bought at Dollar Tree. I used a brownish-red color one as it went well with the lace ribbon color and the color of the button I used! I cut the headband down to a smaller size. Next I sewed the shortened headband piece to one end of the lace, but if you don't care to sew you can hot glue or attach it in most any other way I would guess!
I went through this group of extra buttons and pieces I get with garments I buy and found a medium / large size dark brownish button that matched the ribbon and headband pieces well! It said on the one site to sew it like 2 inches up from the opposite end of lace, not the end with the headband piece. So the button will be 2 inches up on the one end and headband piece on the opposite end.

After I had sewn the headband piece on the one end and then sewn the button on the other end which I did by hand but if you have a sewing machine you can use that which will save time! It’s super easy and then you can put it in any book or journal as shown in the pictures. Funny thing is the bookmark matched the book I took pictures of it on, lol! BTW the book it is shown with- Malice in Miniature by Jeanne M. Dams- is a good book as well!

  • Lace Ribbon- $1 for 3 yards of ribbon at Dollar Tree, or it can be purchased at any hobby, craft or sewing store
  • 1 Button- a few dollars for a bag of buttons at any hobby, craft or sewing store or you can just use one of the extra buttons that often accompany a garment when you buy it which is what I used
  • Headband or pony-tail holder- a few dollars in the beauty supply section of any store, mine was $1 at Dollar Tree for a set of 6 headbands which I have cut down and used


  1. How creative. Very nice Cass.
    Lisa LaRue

  2. How creative. Very nice Cass.
    Lisa LaRue