Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ribbon and Flower Headband

I wanted a headband to go with my new coral lace dress. I took some shear orange ribbon and measured it to my head. I found some small orange, cream, and coral flowers covered in glitter and with a faux pearl center at Michaels, they I think are supposed to be used in scrape books or as a decoration. I simply arranged the flowers to determine where I wanted them to go and then I hot glued them in place.

I took two ponytail holders and cut them at the point where the seam is and attached them to the end of the ribbons to hold it in place on my head. I got instant complements when I wore it with my coral lace dress.
I did learn something from these pictures, I need a tan, lol! I am way too white and have too fair of skin to get much of a tan unfortunately but I need one none-the-less, lol!

Ribbon- $1 at Dollar Tree

Flowers- $1.50 for a pack of I think 9 flowers at Michaels

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