Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daisy and Narcissus Flower Headband

I saw a headband in a store that I liked but I didn’t like the price and knew I could make it cheaper at home. So I looked over the headband and then I went home to make it after I bought what I needed. I bought Daisy and Narcissus fake flowers at Wal Mart. I bought some burlap at Dollar Tree. I already had ponytail holders at home.

I bent the burlap in half and hot glued it in place. I then measured by eye balling it to fit my head and cut it back at the ends as needed. I then went to attaching, using hot glue, the Daisy flowers first at intervals with spaces between. Then I attached the Narcissus flowers when I had the Daisy’s just right.

Then at the end of the burlap headband I took two of my ponytail holders that is a simple one without one of the metal holds on it and cut it at the end where the seam was. On each side of the headband at the end as seen I hot glued the ponytail holders. Doing this allowed the headband to be maneuverable but also stay in place when needed.

I wore this headband to a Tea Party and I was complementing on going with the theme of wearing cute, funky, or interesting head pieces, or just any head piece you want to wear. I love to wear this with my green and pink flower dress, white sweater, and butterfly ear rings, the same outfit I love wearing with my butterfly barrettes I described before.

One of my good friends Stephanie wanted me to make her one as well and some of the pictures are of the one that I made for her. She liked it a lot and has worn it and loves it. Though I didn't add a picture of her wearing it as I haven't gotten her permission yet to add it. So you are stuck seeing me as the wearer yet again!

Daisy- $0.97

Narcissus Flowers- $0.97

Burlap- $1


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