Sunday, March 27, 2016

Commemoration (Memorial) of Jesus Christ’s Death

Last month I wrote about my experience with the Meadow Twist: and said I had an event in the end of March, March 23rd 2016 to be exact, where I was hoping to wear it to and the event has come and passed. It was the commemoration (Memorial) of Jesus Christ’s death, the lords evening meal.

I am going to put some pictures here below. I took the pictures at the end of the evening because there wasn’t enough time before we left the house and since we had to leave the Kingdom Hall, our place of worship, so the next group could come in we didn’t get to take pictures at the Kingdom Hall and so I had to have it taken at home in front of my door, so no pretty background, lol! The pictures turned out pretty good but my hair had fallen a little and so it wasn’t as pretty as it was before I left for the evening.

I always dress nice on this occasion, ever since I was a little girl. So in the pictures below I tried to show my hair, dress and jewelry but they were a little blurry. The occasion itself is the important factor not what I wore but I just wanted to share pics of what I wore since I had blogged about it earlier. Also my hand is on my stomach or in my face fan like in those pics because I wanted this really cool leaf ring I bought to be seen but it was way blurry in each picture, which sucked, so that's why my hands are awkwardly placed, lol! Oh and the hairstyle got me tons of complements on how cute it was!


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