Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Dog Precious Died

My dog Precious who was one month away from her 15th Birthday had to be put to sleep Friday March 18, 2016. Back in January 2016 my cat Missy who was a month away from her 17th Birthday had to be put down too as I had blogged about.

Precious had a cancerous lump on her back that was really bad and because of fear of it being cancer and her being so old we pretty much knew if we took her to the vet that they would have to put her down so we put off taking her which we regretted. Thursday March 17, 2016 she came into my room and fell over. I caught her and called for my mom. Precious wandered through the house falling over and we couldn’t get her to stop moving so we could help her. We didn’t know what had happened as my parents had gone to sleep and I had been in the bathroom but we heard a commotion a few minutes before she started acting oddly and began falling over. We stayed up with her until she calmed down and seemed to go back to normal.

Friday she was eating and drinking and was perky said my mom so we were going to wait until Monday to take her to the vet but in the early afternoon my mom called me into the living room to where Precious was having a severe seizure. Afterwards she began wandering around the house falling over as she had done the night before and we realized she must have had a seizure the night before. So we got dressed quickly and phoned the vet which got us in 30 min later when the vet got back from lunch.

We got her in and we knew it was going to be the end and so we had made the decision already. The vet assistant and vet said Precious was very bad off and so because the lump was so large and had grown so fast it was probably cancer and if we wanted to do blood tests we could but we decided not to as we knew it was the end. After the seizure she hadn’t come back right and looked herself and the vet said she was in pain as we had already guessed and so we made the tough decision to put her to sleep.

It was so hard to do that and I cried so much. First Missy and now Precious. The vet said we should leave Precious and not remember her like that and that they would put her down but I said I didn’t want to. I didn’t want strangers to be the last thing she saw. I wanted her to know I was there and that she was a good dog and hadn’t down anything wrong. So we stayed with her until she was gone.

I had seen her only a few days after she had been born and I was there when she passed. We hadn’t even intended to get Precious when she was a puppy. We couldn’t have pets in the duplex where we lived and a neighbor friend of mine said she wanted Precious. We went over everyday to play with the puppies as I knew the owner who was a family friend.

Well when finally my mom said I could get a puppy I went over and the only two puppies left were a brown one we had called Brownie, I think, and Precious who was named something else by my neighbor friend who wanted her. My neighbor friends’ dad wouldn’t let her have Precious though. So when I sat in the chair Precious ran over and was much more persistent than Brownie had been and I just knew she was for me. Though once I got Precious my neighbor friend kept telling people I had stole her dog.

When we got home we kept saying aw isn’t she precious and well the name stuck. Of course our cat Missy hated her from the start and even slapped her in the eye the first day we brought Precious home. They were frenemies from then on, lol! Odd that Missy and Precious passed away only a few months apart from each other.
I will forever love you my precious little pup! Your in my memories forever more! I will remember the good times!

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