Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pint Jar Soap Dispenser!

I was in Michaels sometime last year and picked up one of those free take one tags that have a really cool crafting idea on it. Well it was on how to make a pint jar soap dispenser. However the one thing I could never find in stock was the actual soap dispenser lid they were supposed to have for the pint jars, the area on the rack was labeled but no merchandise was ever there every time I looked.

So I went to the internet on how to make my own and everyone’s oh here is an easy diy idea seemed like if I tried it I would wind up with one less finger or maybe two in the end, lol! So since I like having all ten fingers I gave up on the idea for a while.

Then a few months ago I found a small plastic pint jar soap dispenser at Dollar Tree and bought it. Once the liquid was used up I kept the lid and bought a glass pint jar at Dollar Tree and filled it with liquid soap and attached the plastic pint jar lid to it and voila, perfection! It is the cutest little soap dispenser I’ve ever had!

So if you can’t find the soap jar lid for pint jars at Michaels like me then try Dollar Tree and if all else fails you might want to make your own but just be so very careful! And remember I am not responsible should you try and something happen.
  • Pint Jar- $1 at Dollar Tree
  • Pint Jar Lid- $1 at Dollar Tree, well it was a lid and plastic pint jar but I only reused the lid part with my new glass pint jar
  • Liquid Refill Soap- $1 at Dollar Tree


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