Saturday, December 7, 2013

Male Stalker like Character…Weird or Hot?

Whose thinks writing about an obsessive male character is a good hot idea. I have seen this in a few books and heard of a few like that. There is one being turned into a movie right now and the author is like excited about the scene where the guy follows the main female character across the country and is like obsessive about her, before their relationship gets hot and heavy. This concept was in Twilight as well.


 Like who says oh ok this character is getting stalked but you know that’s hot so I’ll have the female character jump in bed with that guy. That would not end well in real life, so why in books.


I think if a guy were to follow A.K.A Stalk a person across state lines or even around town that is reaching odd levels and someone should get a restraining order. I am sorry but a dude no matter how good looking shouldn’t be all stalkery *not a word sorry*. I don’t think demanding a woman to do what they *male characters* want or something is right or entertaining.


Anyone care to weigh in on this topic?

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