Monday, November 18, 2013

Got Email from Friend in Philippines Last Week

I have been busy and a bit forgetful but I just now thought I had better send out a post updating all to my Filipino Friend's status. Last Wednesday I got a few emails from my friend Arjhon who as I said in the below email lives in the Philippines. I had been concerned him and his parent's had been affected by Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines November 8th.

Arjhon told me the city he lives in Cagayan De Oro and his parent's city Iligan City they only experienced very heavy rains and strong winds as the Typhoon came in. He is fine and his family too. He did report on some sad news though. 20+ Jehovah's Witness Brothers and Sisters died and some are missing after the storm. I assumed they may be among those that died but I had prayed it wouldn't have been so many. A few days after that my sister told me on the site that it said 27 Witnesses were dead from Typhoon, 3 dead from Earthquake, and 1 dead from Landslide.

I still pray all those affected soon are aided both physically and spiritually. I hope they do not give up hope and faith.

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