Friday, December 13, 2013

Update on Fear of Public Speaking….I Did Well Last Night!!

The post below ties in with this one. Last night I was an assistant (householder) at my Kingdom Hall. As you will read in the post below I am crazy scared of public speaking. I was a bit nervous and sick feeling before but I managed to calm a bit and when up there I did well and didn’t get sick or faint, thankfully, LOL! I didn’t feel too warm or hot either, which again is thankful.

The sister whose talk it was did really well in working up the talk, so I was glad I didn’t mess it up. :~)

The other Brothers and Sisters told me I did well and the sister I had the talk with told me I did well too. So for now until my next speaking engagement I am fine, I shall see how I am next time, LOL!

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