Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sunflower and Leaf Hair Accessory!

I love Sunflowers and so I was thrilled to make this Sunflower and Leaf Hair Accessory! It took about 5-10 minutes and was easy! I love the way it looks in my dark hair!

First I cut a little piece of a fake leaf to hot glue onto the metal Barrette as it made attaching the flower easier. Any fabric or piece of a leaf cut tiny and hot glued on will work, as long as the color blends in or stands out as you like.

Now cut the Sunflower down as low as you can in the stem until it is a little stubby. If you care to as I did take a leaf and hot glue it to the back of the Sunflower. The first one I did I did two leafs from a Daisy Flower cluster and it was fine when worn but then I decided to try it just the other day with three leafs from the actual Sunflower bundle and it looked even better. So any leafs used would work or you can use the ones that come with the Sunflowers. Then take the back of the leaf and hot glue it to the piece of fabric on the Barrette. Let it cool and Walla it is finished!

Of course if you care to you can attach the Sunflower and Leaf to a headband or any other type of hair accessory you care to. Or it can be put on a jacket or articles of clothes at will. Just play around with it and have fun!

Bear in mind as well that the metal Barrette's don't hold a lot of hair. So in the one with the pony tail I took a pony tail holder that is of a color that blends into my hair and made a pony tail and then clipped the Sunflower and Leaf Barrette just above the pony tail as if the Barrette is holding the hair. Also in the pictures where my hair is down I used a small hair clippie that blends in with my color hair to hold the hair and then I simply clipped the Barrette above or below the small hair clippie and so it looks as if the Sunflower and Leaf Barrette are holding the hair up. These methods hold the hair better since the metal barrette's I use don't hold a lot of hair and definitely don't hold thick hair like mine.

  • Sunflowers- $3.00 for a bundle at Wal Mart, the Leaf used on the back was taken from the bundle, so two in one for this, score!

  • Metal Barrette’s- a few dollars for a package of ten metal Barrettes at Wal Mart

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