Saturday, July 4, 2009

Names that could work 4 stories!

Names for stories:

1. Keziah (Cinnamon Spice, Jobs Daughter) Elizabeth/Edelweiss/ Lily (Gods Promise, White Mountain flower, Innocence/Purity/Beauty)
2. Opal (Gem, Jewel) Beryl (Semi-Precious Stone)
3. Noelle (Christmas, Christ’s Birthday) Eve (To Breathe, To Live)
4. Piper (Pipe player, piper) Phoenix (Dark or Blood Red)
5. Corona (Crown) Aurora (Goddess of the Dawn)
6. Desiree (So Longed Hoped for, Crave, Desire) Hope (Trust, Faith)
7. Hermione (eloquence) Rose (A Flower)
8. Dorabella (Beautiful Gift) Lilly (Innocence/Purity/Beauty)
9. Belle (Beautiful) Rose (A Flower)
10. Fleur (blooming flower, flourishing) Blossom (Lovely, Flower-Like)
11. Annabelinda (Grace and Beautiful Serpent) Myers (farmer; greater; bringer of light)
12. Isolde (Beautiful, Fair Lady) Elizabeth (God’s Promise)
13. Georgiana (Farmer) Rose (A Flower)
14. Cassiopeia (Constellation) Star (Star)
15. Aurora (Goddess of the Dawn) Shakila (Beautiful)
16. Oceanic Sea
17. Sea Coral
18. Aqua (Water) Belle (Beauty)
19. Serenity (Peaceful Disposition) Tranquility (Calmness)
20. Honey (Nectar, Sweet as Honey) Suckle
21. Camille (Perfect) Zen (Spiritual) or Genevieve (White Wave, Of the Race of Woman)
22. Jadzia (beautiful and strong (Unknown), jade, War Battle (Polish), Female Warrior (Germanic), and Princess (Polish)) (jahd ZEE ah) Saffron (Flower name: saffron is used as a spice as well as a bright orange-yellow color dye. Monks of some Eastern religions wear saffron robes.) Journey (A Journey) Elizabeth (God’s Promise) Dax (Leader)
23. Eden (Delight, Place of Pleasure) Serenity (Peaceful Disposition) or Camille (Perfect)
24. ANNEKA (AHN-nee-kah) ("sweet-faced", Grace; favour) Eden (Delight, Place of Pleasure)
25. Jahzara (Blessed Princess) (African Origin) (ja(h)-za-ra)
26. Cayzee (Alert, Watchful)
27. Giselle or Gizelle (Pledge, hostage) (French, Old-German) (gi-zelle, giz(el)-le\) (\gi-selle, gis(el)-le\je-ZELL)
28. Carmen (Song) (Latin, Spanish)

1. Timothy (Gods Honor) Methuselah (One Who Was Sent)
2. Crispin (Curly haired) Aubyn
3. Fitzwilliam (Soldier’s Son) Darcy (From Arcy)
4. Orion (dawn, east; son of fire, the hunter) Lyon (Young Lion)
5. Smith (Black Smith) Weston (Western town)
6. Fabian (A Bean) Nichols (Victorious People)
7. Tristan (Noisy One, Laborer, Sad) William (Valiant Protector, Determined, Resolute, Will Helmet, Protection)
8. Knightley (Knight’s Meadow) Adriatic
9. Sirius (Brightest Star seen from Earth) Star
10. Kent (Edge, border, coast, bright white) Michael (Who is like God)
11. France Matthews (Gift of God)
12. Alexander (Defender of Men) Dar (Pearl)
13. Ronan (Little Seal) Smith (Black Smith)
14. Pierre (Rock) Strait
15. Jade (Semi-Precious Green Stone, Green Gemstone) Dragon (Fire Breathing Creature)
16. Drayton Williams
17. Drew (Wise, Manly) Myers
18. Fitzgerald (Son of the Spear Ruler) Emerald (Green Gem Stone)
19. Kyle (Narrow, Straight) Edmund (Wealthy Guard, Rich Protector)
20. Dirk (Famous Ruler, The People’s Ruler) Dawn (Sunrise)
21. Dax (Leader)
22. JEDREK (“a strong man", Manly, Strong) (JED-rik)
23. Bryce (Swift) (Celtic), (Speckled) (Scottish)
24. Silas (Forest, Woods) s(i)-las SYE-las (Latin Origin)
25. Elija(h) (Yahweh is God)
26. Damien (To Tame, Subdue) (Greek)

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