Friday, January 27, 2017

Chain and Gems Pony-Tail Holder and Interchangeable Bracelet!

I saw a few examples online of a bracelet but also pony-tale holder with a chain and gems attached and thought it was gorgeous. I got one of my black pony-tale holders out but I couldn’t get the gems I had to fit onto it so I started looking around my room. I found a chain with small blue gems attached to the chain that was attached to an old metal CD holder and so I took it off the key chain holder and then took off the charm attached to the end of the chain.

I attached the chain a few different times and added another necklace piece but it didn’t look right so I took off the necklace piece and decided to attach the chain by itself to the pony-tale holder. At first I used pliers but they didn’t work and squeezing the little pieces by hand were breaking my nails and scratching my fingers so I looked for an alternative. So I dug out my wire cutters which really don’t work cutting wire as they are dull and was a cheep pair but they squeeze things really well and were small and easier to handle and I used them to squeeze the ends of the metal around the pony-talk holder. 

It looks well not only as a bracelet as seen below but I use it more often in my hair and it seems to spice up a plain pony-tale holder. Different colors of chains and gems can be found or made depending on how much you want to spend and your hair color.  

To see the pony tale-holder on me go to this link or look up the post about the Ruby Red and Emerald or Glass Green Sticker Gem Hair Pins:

  • Pony-Tale Holder- a few dollars for a pack in the beauty supply section of any store such as Wal-Mart, Wal Greens, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General
  • Chains and Gems- depends on the price of chains and gems you want to buy or refurbish, mine are so old that I can’t remember the price of the key chain that I took and refurbished. Michaels however is a good place to go for chains and gems if you want to make this with different chains and gems and if you get their coupons by email or in the regular mail you can get certain items cheaper

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