Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dark and Light Blue Flower Ribbon Head Band

I had wanted to make a headband to go with my new blue and white maxi dress so when I was looking at Michaels I saw a pack of light and dark blue felt flowers with little blue gems in the center of the flowers. The colors of the flowers match the colors of my dress so I bought them. A while later I bought the ribbon as I realized white would look better than the other color ribbons I have at home.

It took some thinking to decide on the design I chose but any design will work. I attached the flowers to each other and the ribbon with hot glue. I attached each center flower to the ribbon first and then I attached the edges of the other flowers carefully to each center flower. Then I quickly hot glued the attached flowers that needed to be glued to the ribbon.

I really liked the out come and have already worn it. I am still a tad nervous the flowers will pop off as it was a bit difficult to hot glue them without making a mess to the top of the flowers. Felt flowers are hard to work with, easy to hot glue but hard to get excess glue off when you mess up.

Oh and by the way the picture of how I put the pony tales at the end to make it more maneuverable is the way I did on the other ribbon head bands as well.

Michaels- One Pack of Light and Dark Blue Felt Flowers- $1.50

Dollar Tree- White Sheer Ribbon- $1.00


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