Saturday, June 21, 2014

SOS to Blog-O-Sphere, Calling All Writers & Editors!

I am sending this out to all my followers and well the blog-o-sphere in general. I am looking at publishing on Amazon Kindle, only problems is I need an editor and someone who is familiar with E-Books to lend me a little help.

I live in the lower state of Missouri near Arkansas. Does any one know of any freelance editors or editing services anywhere near Missouri or Arkansas? Also does anyone know of anyone or any service that knows a good deal about E-Books that could help me out a bit?

I am putting my feelers out to my friends but I haven’t found anyone yet. I am determined to be published on Amazon Kindle and then later through the CreateSpace on Amazon. I plan to publish for the Kindle by December 2014 and in regular book format through Create Space by the spring (perhaps April or May) of 2015.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :~)

I am sending my LOVE out to the Blog Universe!!! Hope it helps!! LOL! :~)

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