Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to determine if one is an Ogre? Lol!

I am generally one who is observant, as a writer I have to be. I am a people watcher by nature so that I can better understand certain reactions, facial movements, emotions, etcetera so as to bring them about better in my writing. 


Anyway I have become curious of late that perhaps my looks or personality point to me being an ogre. Bear with me as I explain lol. I have started to think that maybe I am unattractive, I never much cared what I looked like, but I know I am not exactly pretty. My sister is the pretty one. But I thought wouldn’t it stand to reason some male somewhere that has met me might like me, it seems either in this regard I am not very observant or the answer is no, that I am not liked. Of course if one likes someone for looks alone that is shallow and if one cares only about their own appearance that is vanity and they are probably a narcissist.


So is it my personality? Am I unpleasing to speak with? Am I boring to speak with? Do I come off mean or rude? So many, many questions and so very few answers… So how does one determine if they are unattractive physically or personality wise? I shall have to dig deeper and let you all know or maybe one of you can tell me how best to determine this.


I shall let you all know if I become classified as a fairy-tale ogre, lol. :~)

*Though I LOL and put smiley faces in the above post I am dead serious about this subject, it is just funny the way I decided to write this.*

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