Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Bananas, Super Adorbs!

A month ago when at Wal Mart I saw these mini bananas. When I saw them I was like those are so cute. They look like baby bananas. I bought some and they seemed sweeter in a way than larger bananas. Also I am not a big banana eater but these were just the right size so I wasn’t forced to eat a whole banana and become annoyed with the taste. I thought they would also do well in a lunch box for a kid or even adult on the run. I hadn’t seen them before so I am not sure if they are just around at certain times or what.
I will put a few pictures below of the cute mini bananas. These pictures show the mini bananas in contrast to a tissue box, my hand, and on a counter with larger bananas (parent bananas, lol).

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