Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weddings, Weddings and Oh my more Weddings and Babies, Babies, and Wait More babies! News Update on a fair few friends!

My good friend Kendra is having a baby GIRL Due Jan 6. Naming her Evelina Ivy. She is 26 Weeks Pregnant right now give or take. My friends Krystal and James "Jimmy" got married Aug 21. It is the year of my friends getting married and having babies. My friend Nichole got married in the Spring and Sam got married in the summer. My friend Mallory is having a baby BOY Due in Dec. Naming him Roman. My brother-in-laws oldest daughter is having a BOY due in Oct this month. Naming him Gage Michael. I am happy for them all and I throw a shout out and many best wishes for happy marriages and healthy happy babies. Love you lots! - Cass

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