Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Name Game!

I found this on Yahoo Answer. It is fun my answers are below.

Baby name game... Who wants to play? :)?
1 You meet you future husband (what's his name?) in a bar, hit it off, and are together for four years before you decide to get married. You have the wedding of your dreams (where?), and honeymoon in the place on the top of your bucket list (where?).

2 A year later, after trying for a baby, you get pregnant. It's a boy! You aren't to big on naming him after people so you name him your favorite name of all time. (What's his name?)

3 When your son is 18 months old, you get pregnant again, but with twins this time. Twin boys! You aren't to thrilled to have three boys, but your husband is ecstatic. He decides to let you name them since you aren't thrilled, so you name them after your two favorite hottest celebrities, and their middle names start with the same letter. (What are their names?)

4 When your oldest son is six and your twins are four, you try for another baby, hoping it's a girl. Luckily it is! You name her first name, and let your husband choose the middle. Her middle name is the first flower that your husband gave to you. (What's her name?)

5 You decide that you've had enough babies, and get a dog. What kind of dog and what's his/her name?

6 Out of the blue, you get pregnant again. Surprise! Twins, again! This time, a girl and a boy. Their first names are unisex names, and their middle names are the most masculine and feminine names you can think of. What are their names?

7 One day, your going for a hike and come across a stray dog that has no collars, and decide to keep it. You name him/her after the place you found them. What's his name? So what's your family? :)

My Answers:
1.) Christopher Fitzwilliam, My home town in my place of worship then a small resception tea on kind of thing then a larger reception under a large white tent under the stars, Honeymoon in Venice, Italy.
2.) Timothie Mathuselah
3.) John Hezekiah Montgomery Hawthorn
4.) Keziah Sunflower
5.) Tea Cup Yorkie/ Female/ Duchess
6.)Boy-Rowan Alexander Girl-Taylor Charlotte
7.) Golden Retriever/ Male/ Fabian (He was in a garden where beans were being grown hence the meaning of his name A Bean)

My Husband would be Christopher and Kids would be Timothie, John, Montgomery, Keziah, Rowan, Taylor. Dogs Duchess and Fabian.

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