Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Worms Book List

Here are some books I have read.
1. John F. Kennedy Jr. Book- Author Unknown -
2. Same Stuff as Stars- Katherine Paterson-
3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-J.K Rowlings-
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- J.K Rowlings-
5. The Thorn Ogres of Hagwood Bk 1- Robert Jarvis-
6. Better Known as Johnny Apple seed –Mabe hmt-
7. Ruby Holler-Sharon Creech-
8. Ella Enchanted-Gail Carson Levine-
9. Searching For Dragons-Patricia C. Wrede-
10. Calling on Dragons-Patricia C. Wrede-
11. Talking to Dragons-Patricia C. Wrede-
12. Dealing With Dragons-Patricia C. Wrede-
13. The Light keepers Daughter-Lain Lawrence-
14. Snow White and Rose Red- Patricia C. Wrede-
15. Eragon-Christopher Paolini-
16. Wind in the Stone-Andre Norton-
17. The Monsters Legacy-Andre Norton-
18. Scent of Magic-Andre Norton-
19. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- J.K Rowlings-
20. Sahara-Clive Cussler-
21. The Spirit Window-Joyce Sweeney -
22. Dragon Rider- Cornelia Funke-
23. Lord of the Far Island-Victoria Holt-
24. Complete Sherlock Holmes and Other short stories –Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-
25. Backwater-Joan Bauer-
26. Mossflower-Brian Jacques-
27. To Kill a Mocking Bird-Harper Lee-
28. The Fifth Ring-Mitchell Graham-
29. The Emerald Cavern-Mitchell Graham-
30. The Ancient Legacy-Mitchell Graham-
31. The Landower Legacy-Victoria Holt-
32. The King of the Castle-Victoria Holt-
33. The Pride of the Peacock-Victoria Holt-
34. The Time of the Hunters Moon-Victoria Holt-
35. The Road to Paradise Island-Victoria Holt-
36. The Lost Island-Phyllis A. Whitney-
37. The Black Opal-Victoria Holt-
38. Mask of the Enchantress (left off at chapter grumbling giant)- Victoria Holt-
39. Captain Cook-Alastair Miclean-
40. Dance with Me-Luanne Rice-
41. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-J.K Rowlings-
42. Foxglove Summer-Naidra Grey-
43. On Fortunes Wheel-Cynthia Voigt-
44. The Secret Woman-Victoria Holt-
45. Bride of Pendorric-Victoria Holt -
46. The Spice Box- Lou Jane Temple-
47. Seven for a Secret-Victoria Holt-
48. A Week in Winter-Marcia Willett-
49. Shadow of the Lynx-Victoria Holt-
50. Menfreya in the Morning-Victoria Holt-
51. Chamomile Mourning-Laura Childs-
52. The Devil on Horseback-Victoria Holt-
53. The Judas Kiss-Victoria Holt-
54. Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte -
55. Frankenstein-Mary Shelley -
56. Cry, The Beloved Country- Alan Paton-
57. The India Fan-Victoria Holt-
58. Native Son-Richard Wright -
59. Pride & Prejudice-Jane Austen -
60. The Silk Vendetta-Victoria Holt -
61. Bloodline-Fiona Mountain -
62. The Time of the Dragon-Dorothy Eden -
63. The Prisoners of September- Leon Garfield-
64. Island of the Blue Dolphin- Scott O’Dell-
65. Grapes of Wrath-John Steinbeck -
66. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe-C.S. Lewis-
67. Death Du Jour-Lou Jane Temple -
68. Mistress of Mellyn-Victoria Holt -
69. Kirkland Revels-Victoria Holt -
70. The Shivering Sands-Victoria Holt -
71. Black Boy-Richard Wright-
72. Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte-
73. The wedding Dress-Virginia Ellis -
74. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows-J.K Rowlings-
75. A Time for Silence-Philippa Carr-
76. The Stormy Petrel-Mary Stewart -
77. Daughter of Deceit-Victoria Holt-
78. Death By Darjeeling-Laura Childs-
79. The Gossamer Cord-Victoria Holt-
80. Gunpowder Green-Laura Childs-
81. The House of a Thousand Lanterns-Victoria Holt-
82. Shades of Earl Grey- Laura Childs-
83. The Storrington Paper-Dorothy Eden-
84. Fairest-Gail Carson Levine-
85. The Captive- Victoria Holt-
86. Beauty-Robin McKinley-
87. Jackaroo- Cynthia Voigt-
88. Twilight- Stephenie Myers-
89. New Moon- Stephenie Myers-
90. Eclipse- Stephenie Myers-
91. Before Midnight: A Retelling of “Cinderella”-Cameron Dokey-
92. The Thirteenth Tale- Diane Setterfield-

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