Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Cell Phone Holder

My old Cell Phone Holder is in the shape of a dolphin and I got it 15 or 16 years ago. It is filled with a blue liquid and has two small dolphins floating inside it. I have used that cell phone holder for every cell phone I have ever had. Well it’s old and the plug at the bottom deteriorated over time and sprung a leak. Fortunately tape sealed the hole but I had to keep it on a piece of tissue to make sure it wouldn’t leak on my furniture. So I decided to leave it in my bathroom on the counter as that is where I charge my phone as my outlets elsewhere are being used.

So I decided to try and make a new holder for when my phone is in my bedroom at night. So I looked on the internet and I found one using blocks and I thought that is pretty and cool. When I found the blocks at the store were two expensive I creatively changed the design.

Wood Bottom- At Michaels $0.49

Set of 6 Flower Sides/ Simply Surfaces Laser cut Design- $3.99 but were 40% off

Tacky Glue- $1.19

Tiny Terra Cotta Pot- $0.49 but I used 40% off coupon

Large Pack of 3D Lady Bug Stickers- $0.99

Pack of 8 Pencil Grips- $1.00

I arranged three flower sides to fit my phone. I measured using my phone and marking with pencil where it sits comfortably. I did my design looking like a H but any arranging would do to fit different phones. I used tacky glue to put it in place and took Q-Tips with water and wiped away the excess glue that squeezed out.

I then took a blue pencil grip and cut it in two after I realized it wouldn’t glue while round so I cut it in two. The smooth flat side or inside of pencil grip I glued down a comfortable distance from the back of the one flower design. Once the glue dried it was ready to be used.

However I decided to add 3D Lady Bug stickers to the sides of my flower design sides. Then I bought a tiny terra-cotta pot and glued it to the back of the holder where there was a avoid. I took fake flowers I had and put them in a bit of foam and then placed that in the pot. I added a 3D lady bug to the outside of the pot and one to the inside of the Daisy flower in the pot. I later added a tiny dragonfly hairclip to the pink flowers in the picture below. I don’t have the dragonfly in the pics below as I added it after I took the pictures but I clipped it to the pink flowers.

I am going to change the foliage with the seasons. I already bought a teeny little scare crow for fall and I have fake fall leaves I will decorate with as well. I absolutely love it but will probably need to change it a bit if and when I get a new cell phone as my phone sits snug and another larger phone might not fit as well.
I hope you enjoy this and perhaps try something similar! I have so many other designs I would love to make, if I can find someone who needs a cell phone holder.


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