Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wasp Sting! Ouch Relief!

Last year I was going outside to meet my parents and there was a wasp’s nest above the outside light by the front door. As I yelled Hi to my parents I noticed two black things dive at me. I put up my arms instinctively and realized I was being attacked by wasps. I ran back inside the house. Fortunately I had put my arms up and they got stung not my face or throat or chest. I felt the pain all the way to the bone, it hurt that bad!

I hated having to have it done but my dad sprayed the nest and killed the wasps and then knocked the nest down. We have kept them at bay since then. They are pretty defensive little creatures and I hate killing them but they are not a very welcoming presence at the front door or back yard where they are even worse, always diving at us and so we have to spray their hideaway nests when we find them.

So the pictures below, which by the way the reason I remembered to add this now was I was cleaning out old pictures from my phone and found these, are of before, during, and after my parents old fashioned treatment. They took baking soda and put a little water on it and made a paste. They spread it on the places on my wrist where I was stung. Once the paste dried and caked and chipped off I rinsed the rest of it off and added some more paste. It felt cold and relieved the pain a lot to my surprise. The redness and pain went away faster than doing nothing.

This Baking Soda and Water Paste will be my go to on stings from now on! I thought to share it, though some might already know this little old fashioned yet still effective trick!

 < Right After Sting!
 < Paste Treatment!

 After First Paste Treatment and Before Second Baking Soda Paste Treatment! >

 < After Final Paste Treatment! Reduced Redness!

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