Friday, March 2, 2012

34 Hours Without Electricity

We live near where all the storms and tornado's hit in Missouri. Me and my family are fine we didn't get hit and our home is fine. We got the rain, high winds and power outage. About a mile from our home those houses and businesses got hit by tornado's. During the storm we took shelter in our dining room and waited it out. We prayed like crazy. Finally it ended.

Branson is a mess and so are the surrounding areas that got hit. We lost electricity at about 1:30 AM Wednesday morning and didn't get it back until about 11:30 AM Thursday. Our lights and water was out. It was a rough few hours and I so wanted to leave the area. The electric company said at first it would be 2 days then they said 2-3 days then 3-4 days. But we got electricity back after 34 hours.

We feel really bad about all the people affected. None of our friends were hurt or lost property. We are going to keep those affected in our prayers and we hope others do too.

You never know how much you take for granted electricity and water until you have none. It is scary how much we rely on these things. I was having major anxiety issues without them. Fortunately I had my family and friends who were wonderful and kept me from freaking out.

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