Thursday, June 23, 2011

Names Are My Game

As an Author names are important. So I am adding a few unique and lovely names below.

Ranna or Rana (True Image, Beautiful, Eye-Catching, Attractive, Elegant, Means "an eye-catching object" from Arabic رنا (rana) "to gaze". Bearer of Victory) (English, Latin, and Arabic) (Rana: RAH-nah)

This name Ranna or Rana is very lovely and has an exotic flare to it. I quite like it. I heard it on a T.V show and I looked it up.

Praxis (Practical, Another name for the goddess Aphrodite.) (Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology)

I like Praxis I don't really know why. I have gotten positive and negative views on it. I think if used right it will be a good name for a character in my view.

Scotlyn (Proper) (Scottish)

This is actually the first name of my Pen Name and I love it. I think it sounds cool to say and it is just an all around nice name. It is pronounced like Scotland the country but it is a made up combo between Scott and Lynn.

Eliana (God has Answered, May also be related to the Greek "elios" meaning "god of the sun", and the name may thus mean "daughter of the sun". My God has Answered Me, The Lord has Responded, Sun, My God is Yahweh) (Hebrew, Latin) (El-ee-AH-nah, eh lee AN ah)

I read about a character named Eliana. I love the name and the meaning is really nice.

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