Saturday, August 1, 2009

Secret For a Nightingale-Victoria Holt

Secret for a Nightingale
As a child in India, beautiful, high-spirited Susanna Pleydell first becomes aware of her special gifts to soothe the sick. But she puts aside her dream of helping others when she meets the dashing and sophisticated Aubrey St. Clare.
Only after they are married does Susanna learn of Aubrey's brooding, dangerous nature - his obsession with the occult and his weakness for opium. But most fearful of all, she discovers Aubrey's strange association with Dr. Damien Adair, a powerful figure who exerts a sinister influence over her husband. And when Aubrey's frightening behavior leads to tragedy, Susanna flees, vowing revenge on the man she holds responsible - Damien Adair.
Closely guarding her dark secret, Susanna travels to the Middle East and the Crimean War, where she begins a new life as a nurse, working beside the legendary Florence Nightingale. It is there that fate brings the mysterious Dr. Adair back into her life. And it is there that Susanna finds her desire for revenge now tempered by a baffling new emotion. Is it possible that her once unforgiving heart has suddenly crossed the boundary between hate . . . and love?
I think since I have begun reading this book I believe it would have fit perfectly in 21 Century life. I mean the Heroine is so Naive I mean how could she not see her husband was an Opium addict. On there honey moon in venice he went to see his hook up you know and I thought that is so 21st Century drugy life. Her husband goes crazy on the drug but she still loves him until her son dies when left home with his high father. I found out that Opium is from a Poppy flower in asian countries. It is used Mediceinally it makes morphine but illegially it is cultivated and parts are taken to make Heroin and other drugs. It gets annoying at the end of the book when she meets the man she believes was her husbands drug dealer or hook up. It's like I hate you now I love you your so hot I hate you I love you its like oh get over it. Then she hooks up with him and I think (Since i'm still reading I took a peak ahead!HEHEH LOL!!)marries him even though he's like I can't settle down now I'm a doctor but I'll visit you and the kids we have talk about a dead beat. He's like I love you and you know he gonna being hookin up with other woman (So a philander)so what stay home while your husband goes to another country only coming home for a booty call every now and then. I would say no but his herione is like so naive and stupid. I like Victoria Holt Novels but this one has issues.

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